Trade Wind, LLC provides a range of services for the execution of certification and other authorization documents when moving cereals, grain legumes and oil seeds by road and rail on the territory of Ukraine.

Contractual relations with our Company will make it possible to receive competent services and guaranteed quality in the field of certification, based on the expertise within the legal framework, regulations, standards and requirements for the implementation and design of examinations and certification of grain. In its turn, it allows us to grant services in the execution of such documents as quality certificates, quarantine, phyto-sanitary, veterinary certificates, veterinary certificates F-2, as well as in the performance of state inspection.

The main principles of our Company in the management of certification are as follows:

• The most rapid and high-quality execution of all necessary documents;

• Guaranteed results with maximum comfort for the customers;

• Fairness and confidentiality in all matters of interest, and much more that is necessary for a clear and coordinated work with the client.

Advantage of our Company: high-level of services provided at lowest prices.